Streaming is a term that stands for watching a video or listening to audio in real time, instead of downloading a media file. This service needs a proper Internet bandwidth which varies according to the level of quality.

Internet Streaming

For instance, the minimum bandwidth requirement of watching a video on Youtube with high quality is quite more than that video with low-level quality.  As another illustration, watching a low-quality video on Youtube for PC(400x226 pixels) demands more Internet speed than the same video for smartphones( How to setup IPTV on a Smartphone) (320x240 pixels) because PC(How to setup IPTV on PC) have larger screens.

Specifications for Streaming Content(VOD)

Streaming VOD contents need a nearly fast internet connection, and simply how fast depends on the kind of media you are watching. A speed of 20 megabits per second (Mbps) or higher is required for streaming standard definition video without buffering, decreases in quality, or buffering stops. HD and 4K media demand higher speeds for perfect performance.

Live Streaming (IPTV)

Live streaming and IPTV is identical as the streaming explained earlier, but it's precisely used for internet content present in real time as it occurs. Live streaming is common with live television shows and specific one-time sports or events.

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