IBO PLAYER is one of papular Player for Smart TV,

you can see the supported formats from Smart TV:

  • Samsung supported formats and codecs
  • LG webOS supported formats and codecs
  • Android platform supported formats and codecs

the app didn`t have an EPG system integrated but if your provider has an EPG - READY system then it would work with IBO PLAYE.

Each TV is assigned two MAC addresses. The first MAC address corresponds to the WiFi connection, while the second MAC address is associated with the Ethernet connection. When you switch to a different connection type and restart the app, the second MAC address is automatically activated. It's important to note that MAC addresses are unique for each TV and cannot be manually changed.

To upload a link, you need to first log in to the website: https://iboiptv.com/device/login
Please enter your Device Mac Address and Device Key, and then proceed with the login.

IBO Player -2

click on add playlist

ibo player -3
enter : Playlist name, M3U link and EPG.

ibo player-3
after save The playlist,you need to restart your app.
After the restart, you will be able to watch channels. It is possible to experience freezing issues initially, which is not a cause for concern. However, if the freezing issue persists, please contact our subscription support for further assistance.
You can obtain your subscription from GENIPTV.me and enjoy it.
Unlock premium features and elevate your experience with our subscription today!

  • IBO PLAYER, M3U link
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